New Cooperative Utilization Management Program

Deb Thomsen  •   November 11, 2020

With new drugs launching every month, the pharmaceutical pipeline is robust and the marketplace is constantly evolving. A large portion of these drugs are expensive therapies that will typically be considered specialty medications once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Specialty medications will trigger automatic utilization management (UM) programs for our member groups

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100% Cooperative Satisfaction and More 2020 Survey Results

Emily Torgerson  •   October 28, 2020

Each year, National CooperativeRx conducts a survey to measure the satisfaction of our membership and partners with certain aspects of our organization and current pharmacy benefit manager, as well as the Cooperative as a whole. This year was especially important as we are in the midst of our request for proposal process, which gives us

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PBM RFP Process Underway for 2022

Josh Bindl  •   October 7, 2020

Using Purchasing Power to Benefit our Members The pharmaceutical industry is in a state of constant change. The upside to this change is the cutting-edge medications for patients; the downside is an uptick of tactics resulting in wasteful spending that hurts both patients and plan sponsors. To keep up, National CooperativeRx has expanded its watchdog

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Market Check Results in Additional 4% Savings

Deb Thomsen  •   September 16, 2020

We are happy to announce the annual market check process for improvement of our CVS Caremark Master Contract is complete. Across the board, membership will save $11.2 million and it will result in an additional 4.3% overall savings for our members. Annual Market Check Process As a result of our 2019 contract negotiations, we incorporated

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Millions to Membership

Deb Steele  •   September 11, 2020

The results are in and we are happy to announce National CooperativeRx paid out $3.7 MILLION to our members in rebate true-up and patronage this year. National CooperativeRx is unique because our members come together as a group and purchase into one pharmacy benefit contract. With 364,000 covered lives and growing, our purchasing power is strong and

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Jeff Butz: New Board Member

Emily Torgerson  •   August 13, 2020

Please help us welcome our newest Cooperative Board representative! Jeff Butz, Executive Director at Fond du Lac Area Businesses on Health (FABOH), was appointed to the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors last month, following his predecessor Larry Richardson’s retirement. FABOH gives Fond du Lac area businesses the power to provide better quality health care and wellness

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National CooperativeRx Achieves -2.6% Trend in 2019

Josh Bindl  •   March 2, 2020

Rising prescription drug prices have been at the forefront of national news for years. Consumers are more aware of high prices because of the increasing use of coinsurance and high deductible health plans. While employers are more aware largely due to the significant drug price tags seen in the market, it is likely this conversation

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What to Watch for in 2020 and Beyond

Josh Bindl  •   January 8, 2020

The attention on pharmacy benefits has been significant for several years. Cutting-edge medications are providing treatments and cures for rare conditions people have suffered from for generations. The consequence is enormous price tags and pressure on payors. This pressure has resulted in a call for action in Washington D.C., but with significant lobbying dollars and

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Refreshed and Recharged for 2020

Kyle Kapusta  •   November 12, 2019

We’re moving into 2020 with a fresh look on the National CooperativeRx web site. Time is precious in our fast-paced world and we want to help our members find the information they need when they want it.

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Market Check Process Yields Additional 3.3% Savings

Josh Bindl  •   October 31, 2019

At long last, the market check process for improvement of our CVS Caremark Master Contract is complete. Improvements will take effect January 1, 2020. A process that started in March took much longer than usual due to a variety of marketplace dynamics and negotiation complexities. For January 1, 2020, the market check will yield an

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