Quality Service

Your Consultative Specialists

Part of our customer service centers around the assistance we can offer. Ensuring our members enjoy all the available services we offer as a not-for-profit cooperative enables our growth. We make it easier generate plan savings within your plan by providing the following benefits. 

Quality Service Through Expert Support

Delivering excellent customer service lies in offering great support. As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, that support is our priority. We look beyond the margins. Our members receive both a personal connection and a strong benefits network from one of the nation’s largest PBMs.

In-House Pharmacists

The Cooperative’s clinical services team guides you in achieving the highest value. They work with the account team, our PBM partner’s account team, and your group. They’ll identify opportunities and maximize your pharmaceutical investments. Together, we work to design programs that help you meet your individual and unique goals.

Personal and Custom Options

We know that no two participants are alike. Each has their own unique situations and requirements for pharmaceuticals. National CooperativeRx offers many plan options. Each one is designed to help members save money and guarantee you get the most from your pharmacy benefits.

Reporting Tools and Data Validation

Analytics and reporting functions are another essential element of our consultative support. We track and report drug trends, compliance, and benchmark data to identify any problems. Working with our PBM partner to confirm data and analytics, we leave no stone unturned.

Excellent Clinical Care

Along with our PBM partner, we provide a continuum of clinical programs. We can offer a direct-to-consumer approach aimed at engaging employees. Or, we can take a more aggressive approach with programs that have a bigger return on investment. Either way, coordinating relationships with members, pharmacists and prescribers enable us to deliver meaningful programs. Combining knowledge with evidence-based guidelines ensures those programs improve your health.

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