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Redesigned Member Resources Webpage: Improving the Member Experience

National CooperativeRx recognizes the importance of continuously refining and improving our offerings to meet the needs and expectations of our valued members. That is why we have made significant improvements to our member resources webpage, enhancing efficiency, usability, and overall member satisfaction. We are pleased to guide members through our reimagined page and highlight its offerings aimed at simplifying the member experience.


Navigating a complex webpage can be time-consuming and frustrating. National CooperativeRx has created a “one-stop shop” with a detailed menu of resources. No more scrolling down the webpage and clicking links to find the information you are looking for. Members will see what is available to them as soon as they open the page.

User-friendly Interface. Members can effortlessly navigate through resources and tools, streamlining their experience.


Commonly requested plan participant and member materials are now readily available. We provide a suite of open enrollment materials from our pharmacy benefit management partner, CVS Caremark, to assist in making the open enrollment process easier for our members and their plan participants. Should members have questions regarding member agreements, credits, rebates, or formularies, they can refer to our accessible hub for further details. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive overview of our no-additional cost clinical programs, along with answers to frequently asked questions about each program.

Access to Informational Materials. Members can self-explore additional information about our offerings, resources, and tools.


Exceptional client support continues to be a defining characteristic of National CooperativeRx. We ensure partners, members, and plan participants can find the support they need by providing contact information for:

  • General customer care, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Member-level requests such as drug coverage inquiries, billing/payment inquiries, plan benefit overrides, escalated member requests, etc.
  • Prior authorization and mail service departments
  • And more!

Support Information Provided. Members have access to information regarding pharmacy, plan participant, and physician and prescriber resources.

National CooperativeRx remains committed to empowering our members with the tools and resources they need to make the most of their pharmacy benefits. While we strive to keep content open to the public, certain documents containing coalition information require a password for confidentiality purposes. This confidential information is exclusive to current members. If you are a current member and would like to access confidential document(s), please contact your National CooperativeRx account representative, who can share the password(s). Please note, passwords are not to be shared with individuals outside of the National CooperativeRx membership. Information is proprietary and confidential.

We are dedicated to the ongoing improvement and expansion of the member resources webpage to ensure it remains a valuable tool for our members. This includes adding new features, updating content, and incorporating member feedback to address their evolving needs. Our goal is to create a useful platform that provides comprehensive support and information, enhancing the overall experience for our members.

Explore the new and improved member resources webpage here!

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