Purchasing Power

Amplifying Employer Group Purchasing Power

By leveraging group purchasing power, our members maximize the return on their health care investments. Achieving results together that otherwise could not be achieved alone, our size brings members deep discounts and rebates. Because we work as one large group, we negotiate with strength to offer our members maximum results. As Cooperative owners, your group gains additional financial benefits aside from cost savings.

We have led the industry for the last two years compared to other PBMs and coalitions that have released comparable data (numbers include all National CooperativeRx groups; we don’t exclude groups as is common when reporting trend). Membership retention remains at 98% and the average gross costs per member life per year was $893. This is considerably below the national average.

Delivering on Cost Savings

As a leader in the industry, the Cooperative promotes price negotiating and generally saves plans 10% or better at each repricing. As a National CooperativeRx member, you will get more than just financial value from your plan’s benefits and services.

We bring consultative expertise to help members with important decisions for their benefit plans. Some of our members want established clinical solutions based on best practices, while others want a fully-customizable program. We offer a comprehensive suite of effective solutions designed with its own set of clinical programs at no or low cost to plans. The results are unique to every group plan.

Continuing to Keep Costs Low

  • Balancing out-of-pocket expenses
  • Channeling discount opportunities
  • Providing positive ROIs for clinical programs
  • Supplementing PBM programs
  • Offering direct-to-physician and plan member education
  • Watching out for and removing pharmacy fraud, waste and abuse

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We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your current plan compared to a National CooperativeRx membership plan. Explore your options and cost saving opportunities. Contact us for more information or learn more about membership here.