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2022 Satisfaction Survey Results: National CooperativeRx Members and Partners

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At National CooperativeRx, we conduct an annual member and partner satisfaction survey to assess our performance, the importance of specific National CooperativeRx aspects, and the performance of our PBM partner.

This year’s results are in, and we are proud to share the following highlights:

95% of respondents are satisfied or strongly satisfied with National CooperativeRx's responsiveness
98% of respondents are satisfied or strongly satisfied with National CooperativeRx's expertise
96% of respondents are satisfied or strongly satisfied with National CooperativeRx overall

These results are comparable to last year’s which were around 97% satisfaction for responsiveness, expertise, and overall value. Our team of on-site pharmacists and experienced strategic account executives work closely with our members and partners, overseeing their pharmacy benefit plans and providing recommendations. Their expertise is fundamental to the success of our member groups’ plans. Some respondents reiterated the importance of consistent meetings with our strategic account executives, explaining they lead to “high client satisfaction,” and “show value and results.”

Respondents selected the following National CooperativeRx aspects as the most important to them:

1. Independent Claims Audits

Claims are independently audited for pricing guarantees, rebate accuracy, financial accuracy, and claims adjudication. Members receive 100% of the money recovered.

2. 100% Return of Rebates

A set rebate is negotiated for every prescription filled and is paid to members after each quarter’s end, as well as 100% true-up at the year’s close of any overperformance.

3. 100% Patronages

All net earnings are returned to members in the form of patronage dividends. Generally, our membership sees over 90% of monthly membership fees returned.

Our PBM partner, CVS Caremark, has had consistent satisfaction ratings over the years. Although slightly lower than 2021 survey results, our members and partners responded with an 87% satisfaction rate in 2022. Despite lower satisfaction overall, satisfaction increased by over 5% in each of the following areas for CVS Caremark:

  • Responsiveness

  • Ability to resolve issues

  • Specialty management

CVS Caremark has a devoted support team consisting of account managers, strategic account executives, and clinical advisors. A dedicated 1-800 phone number for National CooperativeRx members only (open 24 hours and seven days a week) allows for exceptional customer service.

Regarding specialty management, CVS Health stated that 35.9% of their clients had negative specialty trend, while 65.3% had less than 10% specialty trend in 2021.1 Average specialty trend for the National CooperativeRx book-of-business was 1.8% in 2021.

Lastly, equal to last year’s results, most respondents stated they were likely to recommend National CooperativeRx to someone they know, responding with an average score of 9 on a 10-point scale.

We appreciate our members’ and partners’ ongoing confidence in our partnership. Thank you to everyone who spared a couple of minutes of their day to respond to our survey. We value your viewpoints and will continue to use them as a guide for improving our Cooperative.


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