The Cooperative Difference

Cooperatives are known for honesty, openness and social responsibility. Membership comes with obvious benefits and because we are a co-op, our members are at the heart of every business decision we make. So, our values and mission are broader than making a profit.

We proudly operate with the Six Cooperative Principles at the core of all our processes. These principles are a key reason we stand out from other organizations and are consistently chosen by agents, consultants and TPAs.

Understanding Cooperative Principles


Memberships are voluntary and open with Cooperatives

Voluntary and Open Membership
Cooperatives are voluntary and open organizations. Any self-funded group may join the Cooperative regardless of industry type, group size, location or demographics.

Member controlled democratic organization

Democratic Member Control
Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members. Active participation is essential in setting their policies and making decisions. Our members have the ability to participate in our Board and represent their organization.

Members contribute and control the economics

Member Economic Participation
Members contribute to, and control, the capital of their cooperative. At least part of that capital is the common property of the Cooperative. Members pay dues and each year 100% of proceeds are due to them.


Autonomy and Independence at National Co-op RX

Autonomy and Independence
Cooperatives are autonomous organizations controlled by their members. Members are guaranteed of democratic control within agreements with other organizations, including governments. At all times, members maintain their Cooperative autonomy.

Education, Training, and Information

Education, Training and Information
The Cooperative provides educational resources and training for its members, including educational briefs, videos, and biweekly e-newsletter. A knowledgeable member base ensures informed contributions to the development of the Cooperative.

Cooperation among Cooperatives at National Co-op RX

Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Being a part of a large cooperative movement strengthens each individual organization.