How It Works

How Group Purchasing Works for Our Members

Our value keep members happy, but it’s our great cost savings that brings them here first. A side-by-side price comparison will show you how our group purchasing arrangement stacks up against your current pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

How do we have such great pricing? We negotiate a master contract with our PBM partner using all the participants combined from our individual membership. So instead of one member going directly to a PBM, our members are being represented by over 360,000 lives. That purchasing power adds up to big savings.

What We Do:

  • Independently audit 100% of claims for pricing guarantees, rebate accuracy, financial accuracy, and claims adjudication resulting in transparent pricing.
  • Negotiate a set rebate for every prescription, paid to members after each quarter’s end and 100% true-up at year’s close.
  • Offer a broad choice of no-cost clinical programs for members and contribute additional funds to give members the choice among fee-based clinical programs.
  • Provide a team of full-time staff pharmacists to help members evaluate clinical programs and make recommendations for cost containment.
  • Return net earnings to members in the form of patronage dividends. Historically, over 90% of monthly membership fees have been returned to members.

How We Do It:

  • We control costs through proactive recommendations, pharmacy management and the vetting and funding of viable clinical solutions.
  • We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach to clinical programs.
  • Cooperative members see every part of the financial arrangement. Another benefit is “patronage capital,” which is a payment to members when income exceeds expenses. Because we’re member-owned, our money is your money.

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