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Hiral Bhatt: Clinical Services Manager

Staff profile image of Clinical Service Manager

We are pleased to announce the addition of Hiral Bhatt to the National CooperativeRx team! As a clinical services manager, Hiral works closely with our clinical team to perform, evaluate, and monitor our specialty medication prior authorizations and specialty high-dollar claim reviews. Additionally, she utilizes her clinical expertise and analytical skills to identify ways to improve the overall health of our members while helping reduce their health care costs.

Growing up, Hiral aspired to be a doctor and was on the waitlist to attend medical school. While on the waitlist, she pursued an education in pharmacy and quickly found it to be her true passion. After years of being a pharmacist in India, Hiral moved to the United States to continue her career as a pharmacist. To practice in the United States, she had to return to college, which prompted her to move to Fargo, ND, to attend North Dakota State University (NDSU). While at NDSU, Hiral earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.

In 2014, Hiral moved to Waunakee, WI, and began clinical rotations. After she completed her clinical rotations, Hiral took a break before she began working as a pharmacist for CVS Caremark’s prior authorization department. At CVS, she carefully analyzed non-specialty prior authorizations to ensure patients’ medications were suitable for their conditions. Hiral then worked in CVS Caremark’s specialty prior authorization department where she reviewed the clinical appropriateness of patients’ specialty medications. She also worked part-time for Aspen RxHealth as an MTM (Medication Therapy Management) pharmacist and made outbound calls to patients to help them manage their medication regimens. She is excited to apply her knowledge to National CooperativeRx and looks forward to contributing to the Cooperative’s clinical initiatives.

When asked about her experience at National CooperativeRx thus far, Hiral explained, “The collaboration amongst the clinical team has been a fascinating experience to be a part of. I appreciate hearing their different perspectives on cases and having the opportunity to provide suggestions myself. I am eager to continue to discuss more cases with my colleagues and broaden my knowledge.”

Before Hiral begins work, she enjoys a cup of coffee while talking on the phone with her parents who reside in India. On the weekends, Hiral and her husband, Raj, support their kids, Maahi and Paavan, at their tennis tournaments and Tae Kwon Do matches. In her spare time, Hiral loves to watch movies. She describes herself as a big movie buff who appreciates every movie genre, from action to thrillers and comedies.

Welcome to the National CooperativeRx team, Hiral!

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