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Wayland Parker III: New Board Member

We are pleased to introduce the newest representative to our Board of Directors!

Wayland Parker III, Senior Director of Total Rewards at George’s, Inc., brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our Board. Elected during our Annual Meeting on May 7, Wayland holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. He has extensive experience in various human resources (HR) positions, including HR Supervisor, HR Manager & Benefits Administrator, and Director of HR. Since 2016, Wayland has led the benefits and compensation department at George’s. His responsibilities include orchestrating benefits strategies, administering self-insured plans such as medical and prescription drug coverage, and overseeing pay strategies to ensure they are competitive and comprehensive.

George’s is a family-owned and operated poultry processing company headquartered in Springdale, AR, and has multiple locations across Arkansas, Missouri, and Virginia. Originating in the 1920s as a small, local Arkansas business, George’s began hauling live birds to larger Midwest markets. Since then, it has evolved into one of America’s top ten largest vertically integrated chicken producers while still maintaining its local feel and family-first culture.

George’s became a member of National CooperativeRx in 2022. Prior to that, Wayland would annually review proposals from 20+ PBMs to ensure the most cost-competitive and transparent contract for George’s. During the bid process in 2021, National CooperativeRx presented the most competitive bid and least disruption among the offered options. Wayland said, “It is one thing to win a bid on paper, but another thing to make sure participants are not going to be disrupted by formulary changes. National CooperativeRx succeeded at both.” After the first year, Wayland hired a third-party consultant to review drug claims and ensure their accurate adjudication. The consultant’s track record typically produced significant discrepancies, but under the National CooperativeRx contract, they found none. Wayland explained, “That was really telling— it was a testament to National CooperativeRx’s integrity as an honest and trusted pharmacy benefit provider.”

Wayland also mentioned the unique experience he has had working with National CooperativeRx’s account support team. He explained he has worked with PBMs in the past that did not have a dedicated contact that he regularly met with to bounce ideas off. Wayland said, National CooperativeRx’s Wayne Salverda, RPh, Senior Director—Clinical Services, immediately assisted him in working through claims, devising plan design strategies, and implementing proactive measures to address anticipated market changes.

Wayland is poised to make a meaningful impact on the Board of Directors. After experiencing the National CooperativeRx difference firsthand, he is eager to advocate for other member groups and also leverage his financial expertise as part of the Board finance committee. Wayland has a long history of successfully operating under budget constraints by mitigating escalating healthcare expenses without sacrificing quality of benefits for team members, demonstrating his expertise and cementing his position as a valuable addition to the Board of Directors.

National CooperativeRx’s CEO, Josh Bindl, stated, “We’re excited to welcome Wayland to our Board of Directors. With his deep understanding of pharmacy benefits, he will bring invaluable perspective. When George’s first joined National CooperativeRx, Wayland stood out to several as an ideal addition to our Board. I’m thrilled our Nominating Committee and membership agreed.”

Residing in Arkansas with his family, Wayland spends most of his free time watching his kids play baseball and basketball. When he is not at sporting events, he enjoys time outdoors, fishing, golfing, or spending time on his farm, sitting around the campfire and telling stories.

Welcome to the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors, Wayland!

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