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National CooperativeRx 2019 Outlook

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As we close 2018, National CooperativeRx celebrates an 11% increase in membership totaling an estimated 320,000 lives after January 2019 enrollment numbers are received. This growth allows the Cooperative to do more and offer greater value for our members. Anchored by the value of our new contract, we have added value through our expanded high-dollar review program, formulary and network oversight, additional staff and an improved implementation process for new members.

Members can expect the same success, and more, for the upcoming year.

  • Continued Growth: After strong growth last year, National CooperativeRx passed the 300,000-membership mark, a huge achievement for the organization. We are also significantly ahead of last year’s pace with new member commitments for February, March and April already in the implementation process.
  • Staff: We are excited to announce the addition of a third pharmacist to our team. We’ve identified areas of continued Cooperative development and we look forward to increased capabilities with new resources. In January, three other staff will join our team of individuals passionate about helping our members achieve pharmacy benefit savings.
  • Market Check: Built on the foundation of already scheduled improvement, our 2020 market check process will ensure our members receive the best contract terms we can achieve based on our size. This process is undertaken at no additional cost to members and all improvements are passed through to them.
  • Rebate Audit: In addition to the annual claims audit, National CooperativeRx will also engage in a rebate audit beginning in late 2019 to ensure the rebates CVS/caremark collects are being paid pursuant to the contract terms of 100% pass-through. This is done at no additional cost to members.
  • Federal Policy: We continue to track and analyze federal policy discussions and are ready to act should change dictate action by the Cooperative. As developments occur, we will post updates for those subscribed to our e-newsletter.
  • Annual Meeting: We’ve been busy planning our May 14 meeting and we anticipate our largest attendance yet. Join us for Cooperative financial updates and presentations from industry experts. We look forward to seeing you there!

A Cooperative gets its strength from its members and partners. We appreciate those who have helped make National CooperativeRx what it is today and look forward to working with all of you to make it even better going forward.

Happy 2019!

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