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100% Cooperative Satisfaction and More 2020 Survey Results

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Each year, National CooperativeRx conducts a survey to measure the satisfaction of our membership and partners with certain aspects of our organization and current pharmacy benefit manager, as well as the Cooperative as a whole. This year was especially important as we are in the midst of our request for proposal process, which gives us an opportunity to analyze new pricing and transparency models, and look for higher levels of customer service to determine the best fit for our members. We are pleased to announce some highlights from the survey results.

  • 100 percent are satisfied or strongly satisfied with National CooperativeRx overall.
  • 93 percent would recommend National CooperativeRx for pharmacy benefits.
  • 98 percent are satisfied or highly satisfied with National CooperativeRx’s responsiveness and expertise.

We love hearing what our members and partners think of us!

“I love working with National CooperativeRx and my clients have been very satisfied with all services.”

“Thanks for all you do!”

“We switched to National CooperativeRx in 2020 and have been impressed with the service we received so far. The team is very responsive and helps to navigate issues.”

When asked what aspects of National CooperativeRx they value most, our members and partners listed our master contract, 100 percent patronage/rebate guarantee, and our annual claims audit as most important.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey. Your feedback is crucial to our organizational operations and we appreciate our valued members and partners of the Cooperative.


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