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The Value of Partnerships: The Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx

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Partnerships present a unique opportunity to expand services and drive greater value. The concept of working separately but together is advantageous in the way that several needs can be met and satisfied with greater attention to detail. Health care coalitions are some of the most common beneficial partnerships. Coalitions work as experts in their field, personalizing plans and determining the lowest pricing. When united, like-minded organizations can provide a full range of healthcare services at lower costs for plan sponsors and participants.

For 15 years, the Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx have had a partnership derived from our collective passion for negotiating better health care prices for plan sponsors and participants while promoting the highest quality of care.

About the Pacific Health Coalition

The Pacific Health Coalition was founded in 1994 with a mission to control health care costs through the combined purchasing power of its member plans. The Coalition negotiates discounts with Pacific Northwest area hospitals, physician and provider groups, and other healthcare providers on behalf of its members. Additional value-added services include physical therapy, near-site health clinics, and health fairs. The Coalition consists of over 250,000 lives from Taft-Hartley Trust funds, government health plans, public sector health trusts, and single employer plans. Membership growth is inevitable as plan sponsors and participants continue to become aware of not only the financial advantages of the Pacific Health Coalition but the advantages of its unparalleled health care services.

How the Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx Work Together

Through partnerships with various health care vendors, the Pacific Health Coalition offers additional savings programs for care such as vision, hearing, disease management, and prescription drug services. Since 2007, National CooperativeRx has been the Pacific Health Coalition’s vendor for prescription drug management.

As the prescription drug management vendor, National CooperativeRx controls members’ prescription drug costs through volume purchasing, expert contract negotiations, and innovative clinical offerings. National CooperativeRx continues to help Pacific Health Coalition members contain pharmacy spend, ensure the appropriateness of prescriptions, and inform members of pharmacy benefit best practices. Each year National CooperativeRx returns millions of dollars to the Pacific Health Coalition membership from pricing guarantees and claims and rebate audits.

In 2022, the Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx share 17 member groups totaling more than 57,000 lives. Together, we are committed to presenting cost-effective health and pharmacy benefits management solutions to plan sponsors across the Pacific Northwest. “Working with Pacific Health Coalition is a natural fit for National CooperativeRx. Both organizations are focused on providing the greatest value to patients and plan sponsors. Together, we can accomplish more than we could separately,” said Josh Bindl, CEO of National CooperativeRx.

Pat Shier, Alaska Membership Representative of the Pacific Health Coalition has served the National CooperativeRx member-appointed Board of Directors since 2019 and was elected secretary/treasurer in 2021. Mr. Shier shared, “Serving on the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. This ground-floor look at the great need for plan sponsors and patients to be represented by a trusted partner furthers my belief in the value of the organization.”

Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx Events

As part of our partnership, National CooperativeRx helps support various Pacific Health Coalition educational events:

  • Spring Annual Meeting
    o Held near Anchorage, Alaska
    o Includes updates on each organization and presentations by keynote speakers
  • Fall Annual Meeting
    o Held near Seattle, Washington
    o Includes an educational session, quarterly business meeting, and presentations by keynote speakers
  • IFEBP Conference Reception
    o Location varies year-by-year
    o Exceptional for networking with industry experts

Partnerships like the Pacific Health Coalition and National CooperativeRx have proven their value to plan sponsors and participants. Together, we are proud to provide benefit solutions across the various health care industries to Pacific Northwest plans.

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