Membership Satisfaction Results: 2019

Emily Torgerson  •   September 4, 2019

As a member-owned and member-governed cooperative, our members’ feedback is critical in determining how we operate. National CooperativeRx conducts an annual membership satisfaction survey which is sent to our members and partners. Every year we want to know their overall satisfaction with the Cooperative and our current pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). We had a substantial

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It Pays to Be a National CooperativeRx Member!

Deb Steele  •   August 28, 2019

We are happy to report National CooperativeRx paid out $4.2 MILLION to our members in rebate true-up, audit recoveries and patronage this year. Cooperatives are often described as “strength in numbers.” With our highest membership to date of 328,000 covered lives, we are the strongest we’ve ever been and are able to provide our members

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Ashley Foate: Associate Account Manager

Emily Torgerson  •   August 21, 2019

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our account management team will be our very own Ashley Foate! A lifelong Madison, Wis. resident, Ashley has been with National CooperativeRx for more than two years as an administrative assistant and an integral part of our account management team. “I’m thrilled to have worked my

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Flu Season is Approaching

Emily Torgerson  •   July 18, 2019

Did You Know? During the 2017-2018 flu season, the flu was responsible for: 49 million flu illnesses 23 million flu-related medical visits 960,000 hospitalizations 80,000 flu-related deaths However, the flu vaccine prevented an additional: 7 million flu illnesses 8,000 flu-related deaths 109,000 hospitalizations1 US Vaccination Rates Need Improvement While vaccines are becoming increasingly accessible, vaccination

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Important Plan Design Change Deadlines

Matt Dengel  •   July 17, 2019

The season to make plan design changes is here! The National CooperativeRx account management team is ready to assist you with plan recommendations. If you are considering a change, please reach out to your designated account executive. Please keep the following deadlines in mind for changes to go into effect January 1, 2020: September 2,

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Jocelyn Kerl: Clinical Expert

Emily Torgerson  •   July 8, 2019

As a clinical services manager, Jocelyn Kerl, PharmD., BCPS, makes up one-third of the National CooperativeRx clinical team. While overseeing her own book of business within the organization, she also plays a major role in daily clinical work. While anyone who interacts with Jocelyn is impressed by her immense knowledge, one would be surprised to

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NCRx Pipeline Report 7.1.19

Erica Guetzlaff  •   July 1, 2019

National CooperativeRx constantly monitors the pharmaceutical pipeline. As treatment options change, it’s important to know which drugs bring the highest value. Our quarterly NCRx Pipeline Reports provide insight from our clinical team on what changes you can expect to see on the market and how they impact plan performance. Mayzent: Mayzent is the first treatment

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Big Pharma: How Much Money is Too Much?

Josh Bindl  •   June 25, 2019

When it comes to the prescription drug debate, there’s no question pharmaceutical companies bring value to society. Most Americans have seen their quality of life improve because of a medication invented and/or brought to market by a pharmaceutical company. With maintenance medications being able to manage most chronic conditions today, Pharma is now helping those

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Jacky Yu: Cooperative Clinical Intern

Emily Torgerson  •   June 24, 2019

In May, National CooperativeRx welcomed its first clinical intern, Jacky Yu, to the team for a six-week period. Jacky is a fourth-year pharmacy student at UW-Madison, currently with us for his first of six rotations required to become a licensed pharmacist. From Green Bay, Wis., Jacky received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from UW-Madison, then

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Cooperative Demographics

Josh Bindl  •   June 13, 2019

At our Annual Meeting in May, we highlighted the National CooperativeRx membership demographics. We assigned each group to an industry for the purpose of comparing utilization and costs to the programs and controls our membership have put in place. We assigned our Taft Hartley, and other health trusts, an industry most appropriate to their membership.

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