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National CooperativeRx Introduces Clinical Savings Analysis Tool

National CooperativeRx’s team of experts has developed a tool that provides a detailed analysis of each of our innovative clinical programs and their estimated savings unique to each pharmacy benefit plan.

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) advertise their clinical programs and cost, but often will not provide a detailed analysis of how those savings are met. Without a comprehensive explanation of those savings, it is more difficult to hold the PBMs accountable. While many PBMs prioritize the numbers on the spreadsheet, at National CooperativeRx, our focus extends beyond these figures to achieving the overall lowest-net-cost. As a member-owned, not-for-profit Cooperative, we value clear and honest savings with exceptional customer service. The National CooperativeRx Clinical Innovations Savings Analysis Tool embodies our commitment to those values.

How It Works

Our team of in-house pharmacists at National CooperativeRx have designed a suite of innovative clinical programs crafted to reduce costs for plans and plan participants while simultaneously improving health outcomes. These programs are no additional cost to plans and plan participants.

When National CooperativeRx receives a request for proposal from Cooperative partners, we ask for information about their client’s current plan setup and pharmacy spend. With the information and data they provide, we can conduct a savings illustration detailing National CooperativeRx’s value to specific plans. The more detailed the data is, the more insight we can provide. The Clinical Innovations Savings Analysis Tool is an additional report we can provide partners and their clients, which displays the clinical and financial advantages of the Cooperative’s clinical programs.

The Tool provides an overview of each clinical program offering, their estimated savings, and a thorough review of the process leading to our estimated savings figures. Please note that our savings estimates are not guarantees. Estimated savings figures are purely projections based on the provided plan data. Several factors, such as shifts in plan size, utilization, plan design, etc., may affect actual savings.

National CooperativeRx continues to increase the quality and scope of our offerings. Enhancing clinical quality and customer service through our specialty prior authorization program and developing advanced savings analysis tools are the latest. We are confident our team of experts will continue to bring forth further innovations to enrich our offerings to partners, plan sponsors, and plan participants, including improvements to our master contract beginning in 2025. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Please reach out to your National CooperativeRx contact, or our contact us page, if you have any questions and/or would like to learn more about the value we can provide your pharmacy benefit plans.

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