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Josh Bindl Appointed by Gov. Tony Evers to Prescription Drug Task Force

Wisconsin capital building

National CooperativeRx CEO Josh Bindl was recently appointed by Gov. Tony Evers to serve on the Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices. The initiative was created through Executive Order #39 and will focus on strategies to reduce prescription drug prices in Wisconsin. The task force members will research and analyze information on the development, pricing, purchasing and distribution of prescription drugs. They will also compare tactics used in other states to decrease drug prices and look for opportunities to collaborate on this issue with the federal government and other states.

For National CooperativeRx, finding ways to save members money on prescription drugs is nothing new. This time, however, we will be collaborating with people from a variety of backgrounds for the good of the general public. Hopefully solutions will be identified that can be a model and used to benefit members in other states as well.

“Drug prices have become a major issue in need of reform,” says Josh Bindl. “Both patients and plan sponsors are feeling the impact of a complicated industry where fraud, waste and abuse can have a significant impact on driving up costs. I am honored Gov. Evers values our perspective enough to have me assist in carrying out his mission and am excited to get started.”

The first meeting will be held on November 20, with an agenda and formal public meeting notice slated for release in the next few weeks.

Click here to see the full list of appointees.

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