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Getting to Know Your Friendly Cooperative Pharmacists

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Did you know October is American Pharmacists Month? In honor of the daily contributions that pharmacists make to the health care field, we’re highlighting your very own in-house pharmacists at National CooperativeRx. Keep reading to learn how you as a member can use them as a resource.

Wayne Salverda, R.Ph.

Wayne Salverda is the Senior Director of Clinical Services at National CooperativeRx. He has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years and is our go-to encyclopedia for anything health care-related. Wayne works with members every step of the way to develop, evaluate and monitor their benefit plans, while keeping their best interests at heart.

Jocelyn Kerl, PharmD., BCPS

Jocelyn Kerl is a Clinical Services Manager at National CooperativeRx. Her pharmacy background since 2006 allows her to be an expert resource to both members and staff. Jocelyn is passionate about health care and uses her extensive knowledge to maximize each member’s plan design to work in their best interest.

Erica Guetzlaff, PharmD.

Erica Guetzlaff is our newest Clinical Services Manager at National CooperativeRx. Coming to us with over 10 years of pharmaceutical experience, she is able to show our members what can be achieved through the right educational initiatives and formulary structure. Erica enjoys making the process more seamless for members and identifying ways they can save money while maintaining the highest level of evidence-based care.

So, What Can They Do for You?

Many of our groups are already using the full suite of clinical offerings our pharmacist team has to offer. If your group is currently not, consider the following benefits:

  • High-Dollar Claims Monitoring. As members, one of the most important aspects of health care today is cost. Our in-house pharmacists monitor high-cost drugs on your plan to ensure they are appropriate for your participants’ needs and recommend lower-cost options when they see fit.
  • Look out for Fraud, Waste and Abuse. Along with monitoring high-dollar prescription claims, our pharmacists work with CVS Health to identify and remove from network hundreds of pharmacy service providers engaged in questionable activities. Our recommendations saved members $45.51 per plan participant in 2018.
  • Plan Exclusions. Wondering how your plan could save even more money? Talk with Wayne, Jocelyn or Erica to see how your plan can exclude high-cost drugs in favor of generic equivalents that achieve the same results.
  • Plan Member and Client Education. Our pharmacist team helps our members comprehend the pharmacy benefit world. They serve as member and participant advocates in this complex industry and promote health, wellness, and sound plan design through their health care knowledge.
  • Patient-Centric Approach. Our pharmacists are able to review and monitor your plan to ensure it is cost-effective and in your best interest. Their goal is to provide the best plan for you and your participants.

There is a reason why most medical settings have a licensed pharmacist on staff, working closely alongside physicians and nurses. Pharmacists are trained to make sure you receive the best health care possible, and for National CooperativeRx, that means educating members on best options for your plan. We are lucky to have Wayne, Jocelyn and Erica at our members’ disposal to help you achieve the highest level of wellness for your participants.

Happy American Pharmacists Month!

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