Continuous Glucose Monitors: New Method to Self-Monitor Diabetes

Jocelyn Kerl  •   June 24, 2021

Diabetes Management Diabetes is a complex and progressive medical condition associated with abnormally elevated blood sugar levels. If left untreated or uncontrolled, diabetes may cause numerous complications and damage to the human body’s organs. Not surprisingly, diabetic medications usually rank among the top spend categories for most plan sponsors. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an

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Pat Shier: New Secretary/Treasurer Elected to Cooperative Board

Emily Torgerson  •   June 17, 2021

National CooperativeRx would like to congratulate Pat Shier for becoming the new secretary/treasurer on our Board of Directors! Following his predecessor Joy Matthews’ completion of a six-year term on our Board last month, Pat was elected by the Board to fill the opening of secretary/treasurer. Pat, Alaska Membership Representative at Pacific Health Coalition (PHC), has

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4 No-Cost Clinical Oversights to Transform Your Self-Funded Pharmacy Benefit Plan

Emily Torgerson  •   June 8, 2021

Lowering Costs and Improving Participant Experience In the constantly evolving pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry, pharmacy expenses and participants’ expectations continue to rise. To keep up, plan sponsors are looking for serious innovation from their providers.  At National CooperativeRx, our membership has benefited from our oversight for many years. To continue to meet those growing

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Recap Our Latest Webinar on Biosimilars with Jocelyn Kerl!

Emily Torgerson  •   May 26, 2021

In case you missed it, National CooperativeRx produced its second webinar of our new quarterly series this week that featured our Clinical Services Manager Jocelyn Kerl, PharmD., BCPS, educating the audience on biologic drugs and regulatory implications, the current market status of biosimilars and other highlights plan sponsors should know. Helpful Definitions to Know Biologic

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New Three-Year PBM Contract Yields Significant Savings for Self-Funded Plans

Josh Bindl  •   May 25, 2021

At the heart of any joint purchasing arrangement is a strong contract. The optimal balance of maximizing benefits and controlling costs cannot be achieved for a self-funded plan sponsor without a solid contract from a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). With 2021 being the final year of a three-year contract, National CooperativeRx hired an independent consultant

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Highlights of Our 2021 Annual Meeting

Emily Torgerson  •   May 12, 2021

Another year, another virtual National CooperativeRx Annual Meeting! Although we were disappointed to miss out on seeing our members and partners in person again, we are impressed with our turnout of 250 attendees and pleased to have delivered the same high-quality, informative keynote presentations our audience has always been accustomed to. Mark O’Connell, our Board

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What to Expect at Our Annual Meeting May 4

Emily Torgerson  •   April 14, 2021

Watch from home. This year, we’re again bringing our Annual Meeting to you! No need for parking passes to enjoy the same quality educational sessions and Cooperative news you’ve been accustomed to in the past from us. John Barlament, Partner at Quarles & Brady LLP, will provide knowledge on how the new administration’s policies and strategies

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NCRx Pipeline Report 4.1.21

Erica Guetzlaff  •   April 1, 2021

National CooperativeRx constantly monitors the pharmaceutical pipeline. As treatment options change, it’s important to know how those changes could impact your plan and which drugs bring the highest value. Our quarterly NCRx Pipeline Reports highlight some of the newest therapies coming to market and are not intended to imply formulary placement or coverage by CVS Caremark. Varenicline

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Official Launch of Advanced Utilization Management Program

Emily Torgerson  •   March 31, 2021

The Cooperative’s new Advanced Utilization Management (UM) Program has officially launched! National CooperativeRx constantly monitors the pharmaceutical marketplace for new therapies in the pipeline. We have implemented our opt-in Advanced UM program to offer our member groups an opportunity to employ our recommendations on a quarterly basis to better adapt their plans to the rapidly

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How Far We Have Come Without Going Anywhere

Emily Torgerson  •   March 17, 2021

Measurement is an action we use in many aspects of our lives. We run three miles. We drink two cups of coffee (and sometimes more!). A workday is eight hours. It is no surprise that as a society and culture we are reflecting, and measuring, our lives since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the

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