Advanced Utilization Management Program


National CooperativeRx constantly monitors the pharmaceutical marketplace for new therapies in the pipeline. We have implemented our opt-in Advanced Utilization Management program to offer our member groups an opportunity to employ our recommendations on a quarterly basis to better adapt their plans to the rapidly changing market. We are currently focusing on the management of the following categories.


Target Drug: Prevymis

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors (CGM), where covered

Target Drugs: Dexcom Receiver

Digestive Aids

Target Drug: Sucraid

Oral Allergy Immunotherapy, where covered

Target Drugs: Grastek, Odactra, Oralair, Ragwitek, Palforzia

Oral Migraine

Target Drugs: Nurtec, Ubrelvy, Reyvow


Target Drugs: Sunosi, Xyrem

This page was last updated on February 9, 2021.