Ten Things to Watch for in 2018

Josh Bindl  •   January 11, 2018
  1. New Contract — We will soon unveil our 2019 Master Contract. Due to strong Cooperative growth, aggressive negotiations, and nearly a year of RFP legwork, members will see even greater pricing and value.
  2. Monetary Returns — 2017 easily finished as one of our highest years for net income. This means more money returned to members’ pockets in 2018.
  3. Cooperative Growth —We’re excited to see what 2018 has to offer. With our sales team already hitting the road, we believe we’ll represent 300,000 participants by this time next year.
  4. Staff — With a growing cooperative comes a growing staff to meet your needs. Watch for new staff announcements in the next newsletter!
  5. Board Representatives —The National CooperativeRx Board of Directors is vital to being member-owned and member-governed. Members will be asked to vote for board representatives at our Annual Meeting.
  6. Watchdog Role — Bringing on an additional pharmacist last year allowed our staff to expand their watchdog role. Their latest project diverted members from paying over $2 MILLION to questionable pharmacies. This year those questionable pharmacies will no longer have access to mislead our members’ participants.
  7. Broker Relationships — Our members’ brokers bring their own expertise to the table. We’ll enhance our broker partnerships as the year unfolds.
  8. Videos — Education is a key component to any cooperative. In 2018, we’ll add informative videos as a fresh resource for our members and participants.
  9. PBM Market Oversight — With the pharmacy benefits industry prominent in both politics and the media, National CooperativeRx is your guide to staying on top of what’s important. We take our role in watching over your pharmacy dollars seriously and will continue to advocate on your behalf.
  10. Annual Meeting — Join us May 8 for our largest meeting yet. We’ll discuss the financial success of 2017, vote on legally embracing National CooperativeRx as our sole name, and bring in nationally-recognized speakers to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We look forward to seeing you there.