National CooperativeRx by the Numbers

Deb Steele  •   September 7, 2018

We are pleased to announce National CooperativeRx has paid out $4.7 MILLION to our members in rebate true-up, audit recoveries, patronage and retired equity so far this year.

The Cooperative membership is at an all-time high and our strength continues to grow with each added plan sponsor. Our incredible size allows us to not only bring our members strong discounts and rebates, but also provide these other benefits.

Our Cooperative model enables us to return 100% of both rebates and money received from the annual claims audit performed on our PBM vendor, as well as patronage dividends (funds left over at the year’s end after we pay our operating expenses).

Notable Figures:

2009 Retired Equity: $403K

2015 Claims Audit: $885K

2016 Rebate True-Up: $3.04M

2017 Patronage: $415K

We look forward to putting even more money in our members’ pockets as we move forward.

Here at National CooperativeRx, we’re dedicated to providing our members with the best possible value and we feel honored to watch over your pharmacy benefit dollars. Thank you for being a valued member of our Cooperative.