Membership Satisfaction Results: 2019

Emily Torgerson  •   September 4, 2019

As a member-owned and member-governed cooperative, our members’ feedback is critical in determining how we operate. National CooperativeRx conducts an annual membership satisfaction survey which is sent to our members and partners. Every year we want to know their overall satisfaction with the Cooperative and our current pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). We had a substantial number of responses this year and are pleased with the results from our members and partners:

100 percent are satisfied or strongly satisfied with National CooperativeRx overall.

95 percent would recommend National CooperativeRx for pharmacy benefits.

97 percent are satisfied or highly satisfied with National CooperativeRx’s responsiveness while 95 percent are satisfied or highly satisfied with our expertise.

8/10 are satisfied or highly satisfied with CVS Caremark, our current PBM.

Actual survey comments (which were modified to maintain confidentiality):

I appreciate the expert analysis and recommendations of National CooperativeRx in the complex world of PBM management and oversight. Their commitment is to their members and not the PBM or bottom line.

Our National CooperativeRx strategic account executive is phenomenal! Give him a big raise!!

Great organization, thanks for the good pricing and rebates, we never got that in 11 years with our old PBM!

When asked what aspects of National CooperativeRx they value most, our members and partners listed our master contract, 100 percent patronage/rebate guarantee and our annual claims audit as most important.

Additionally, the aspects of CVS Caremark our members and partners are satisfied with the most are pricing, clinical programs and data analysis specific to their organization.

We appreciate everyone who took the time to fill out our survey and thank you for being a valued member and partner of the Cooperative.