Josh Bindl: Life of a CEO

Emily Torgerson  •   October 18, 2018

For Josh Bindl, being in a leadership role was always part of his game plan. As CEO of National CooperativeRx, Josh leads an organization with 16 employees, 225 employer groups and approximately 310,000 participant lives.

A Wisconsin native, Josh received his bachelor’s degree from UW-La Crosse and his Master of Public Affairs degree at UW-Madison. He came to National CooperativeRx after working at Wisconsin Counties Association for over a decade.

“After my first interview, I was excited about the opportunity and determined to land the CEO position,” says Josh. “I fell in love with the company’s mission of helping employers achieve the highest possible savings and how our watchdog role helps them navigate the complex pharmaceutical industry.”

When asked about his “typical” work day, Josh stresses that’s non-existent. “Certain times of year are busier than others, like in the spring for our Annual Meetings and when I travel for finalist presentations and meetings with brokers and consultants. It’s important I have a flexible schedule because as a CEO, you never know what’s going to come up.” One consistency in Josh’s schedule is his wake-up call. “I like to start my day early as I’m more productive when the office is quiet.”

Although Josh measures the company’s success by the size and number of new members as well as whether National CooperativeRx can beat the trend of pharmacy benefit managers, employee retention is also a huge factor.

“I value everyone at the company equally; we’re all considered experts in our field,” states Josh. “We employ very smart people who are passionate about what they do, which makes my job a lot easier.” When asked to describe the ideal Cooperative employee, Josh lists passion, work ethic, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn as his top qualities.

When he’s not busy running a successful company, Josh enjoys golfing, Wisconsin sports and spending time with his wife, Misty, and their two children, Drew and Mya. Click here to see more of Josh’s life outside the Cooperative!