It Pays to Be a National CooperativeRx Member!

Deb Steele  •   August 28, 2019

We are happy to report National CooperativeRx paid out $4.2 MILLION to our members in rebate true-up, audit recoveries and patronage this year.

Cooperatives are often described as “strength in numbers.” With our highest membership to date of 328,000 covered lives, we are the strongest we’ve ever been and are able to provide our members incredible discounts and rebates. The Cooperative nature allows us to return 100% of rebates to our members, along with 100% of money received from the annual claims audit performed on our PBM vendor and patronage dividends (amount of money left at year’s end after we pay our operating expenses).

Financial Highlights

2016 Audit Recoveries: $431,162

2017 True-Up: $3.14 million

2018 Patronage: $602,518

Our expert staff at National CooperativeRx is honored to act as your strategic partner to ensure your pharmacy benefit dollars are used effectively and efficiently. We appreciate your membership and look forward to strong returns again next year.