Jasmine Johnston: Marketing Specialist

Emily Torgerson  •   January 19, 2022

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jasmine Johnston to our Cooperative team! Jasmine is our new marketing specialist and develops marketing strategies that support National CooperativeRx sales efforts. She also collaborates with colleagues to coordinate brand awareness and owns the plan and execution of creative campaigns through multi-channel tactics. A Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

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Melina Kambitsi, Ph.D.: New Board Member

Emily Torgerson  •   January 18, 2022

Please join us in welcoming our newest Cooperative Board representative! Dr. Melina Kambitsi, senior vice president of business development and strategic marketing at The Alliance, was appointed to the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors earlier this month. Dr. Kambitsi will replace Paul Meyer from The Alliance, who stepped down after 19 years on our Board, as he

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Top 3 Powerful Considerations for Repricing Self-Funded Plan Sponsors’ PBM

Kyle Kapusta  •   August 18, 2021

Last Call to Begin the Process for 1/1/22 Implementations Self-funded plan sponsors are lucky to have brokers and consultants always searching for the best pharmacy benefit management (PBM) provider on their behalf.  Without their initiative, plan sponsors may not have opportunities to save year over year. We have made it even easier for brokers and

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Behind The Alliance/National CooperativeRx Partnership

Paul Meyer  •   August 17, 2021

If you’ve ever worked with National CooperativeRx or attended one of their events, you’ve likely heard of The Alliance. National CooperativeRx and The Alliance have a strategic partnership that was formed in 2002, when The Alliance helped found the not-for-profit pharmacy benefit management cooperative. The easiest way to describe the difference between the two cooperatives

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How to Implement Your New PBM With Fewer Disruptions and Better Results

Emily Torgerson  •   August 12, 2021

Industry-wide, pharmacy benefit implementations can be rough. With so many moving pieces in the process, it’s easy to see why. To ensure a seamless implementation, plan sponsors often turn to their broker or consultant to help them avoid any confusion and minimize disruption. It’s a smart move. By leaning on the experts, they’ll have the

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How to Get the Best PBM Customer Service for Your Self-Funded Plan

Emily Torgerson  •   July 16, 2021

When plan sponsors look at new partnerships for their self-funded pharmacy benefits, reduced spending isn’t their only priority. In fact, it’s customer service that is more important as it proves to be the key to an ongoing and successful partnership. So how can you, as a plan sponsor, navigate the current complexities of the industry

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4 No-Cost Clinical Oversights to Transform Your Self-Funded Pharmacy Benefit Plan

Emily Torgerson  •   June 8, 2021

Lowering Costs and Improving Participant Experience In the constantly evolving pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry, pharmacy expenses and participants’ expectations continue to rise. To keep up, plan sponsors are looking for serious innovation from their providers.  At National CooperativeRx, our membership has benefited from our oversight for many years. To continue to meet those growing

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What to Expect at Our Annual Meeting May 4

Emily Torgerson  •   April 14, 2021

Watch from home. This year, we’re again bringing our Annual Meeting to you! No need for parking passes to enjoy the same quality educational sessions and Cooperative news you’ve been accustomed to in the past from us. John Barlament, Partner at Quarles & Brady LLP, will provide knowledge on how the new administration’s policies and strategies

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How Far We Have Come Without Going Anywhere

Emily Torgerson  •   March 17, 2021

Measurement is an action we use in many aspects of our lives. We run three miles. We drink two cups of coffee (and sometimes more!). A workday is eight hours. It is no surprise that as a society and culture we are reflecting, and measuring, our lives since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the

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