New Board Representative from the Lone Star State

Emily Torgerson  •   November 16, 2017

Please join us in welcoming our newest board representative!

Don Graham, Executive Director of the ISAS Group Benefits Trust, was appointed to the National CooperativeRx Board of Directors effective November 1, 2017 to fill the position of a departing board representative.

The ISAS Trust does business in Texas and Oklahoma, providing affordable, sustainable and comprehensive benefit plans to school employees and their dependents. Prior to the ISAS Trust, Don worked for two educational nonprofits as their Vice President of Finance. He has 23 years of experience in key administrative positions working with nonprofits and boards of directors.

Don holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana Tech University.

A lifelong New Orleans Saints fan, Don currently resides in Plano, TX. A fun fact about Don is that when he married his wife Lynn, he brought to the marriage his daughters Melissa and Melanie — while Lynn brought her daughters, also named Melissa and Melanie, and her son Michael.

We look forward to the great value that Don will add to the Cooperative.

The Cooperative’s goals are always aligned with those of our members, because we’re member-owned and member-governed. To see the entire National CooperativeRx Board of Directors, click here.