Our vision is to help plan sponsors control overall drug spend, make better decisions with better data and gain access to transparent information about pharmacy management. These goals are at the heart of everything we do.


Ours is one of the most complex industries in existence today, with moving parts that are constantly shifting. Our directive is to assemble a team of specialists that can bring clearly understood and relevant information to plan sponsors and help them achieve the greatest value possible from their drug spend.

When employers and organizations become members of our cooperative, they see every aspect of the financial arrangement with our chosen PBM partner. This is one of the many stipulations of the legal agreement between the cooperative and the PBM that makes our member contracts “best in class.”

We’ve also simplified the contractual process, to ensure that plan sponsors can understand how to take full advantage of all the benefits we have to offer. Along those same lines, our members have access to educational programs and consultative clinical support aimed at empowering plan sponsors to contain costs.

We firmly believe that the key to our success lies in empowering our members within the marketplace. Plus, as owners of the business, our members also see every aspect of National CooperativeRx financials, and share in the profits when incomes exceeds expenses.


It is not enough that our cooperative receive transparent information from our PBM vendor. We also achieve accountability by:

  • Issuing periodic Requests for Proposals to ensure that we have the highest value PBM partner
  • Regularly renegotiating our contract in order to build upon our success
  • Independently auditing 100% of claims to ensure that our members receive all financial benefits they deserve

Financial benefits include:

  • Guaranteed rebates on top of the deep discounts we achieve by group purchasing on behalf of over 200,000 employees and dependents
  • 100% pass through of rebates
  • Patronage dividends that historically have returned over 90% of membership fees to members