When National CooperativeRx enters contract negotiations, we have your best interests in mind. Our member-owners never worry about conflicts of interests or misaligned incentives, as the RFP process and the results are completely transparent.

We enter the discussions with the purchasing clout of over 200,000 participants, and the industry know-how to leave nothing on the table. During our last RFP, members experienced an average of 10% savings due to the new contract. We also negotiated early pricing to net existing members additional millions in savings, plus added value in clinical programs and performance guarantees.

We always want to be confident, and we want our members and partners assured that we have achieved the greatest value possible from our PBM. Whenever appropriate, we will reissue a competitive bid to evaluate the PBM marketplace.

Our due diligence is only a start. Visit our auditing page to find out how your contract terms are monitored and enforced.