Working with one of the industry’s leading PBMs means our plans have many choices when it comes to engaging participants and keeping them healthy.

We have a diverse membership and do not believe that one size fits all. Some of our plans want turnkey solutions based on best practices. Others want a fully-customizable package of programs. Some plans are looking for low-cost, low-disruption tools while others seek more aggressive programs with a bigger return on investment.

Not only do we have the expertise to help plans with these important decisions, but our purchasing power gives our plans access to a comprehensive suite of effective, complimentary programs we have negotiated as part of our PBM contract. The cooperative also provides resources to members to fund enhanced clinical initiatives with the return on our investment going straight to the member.  We also make it easy for plans to understand their different options, as our in-house pharmacist is here to help plans choose a clinical package that meets their objectives.

Our focus on adding value to our clinical services begins upon implementation and keeps getting better once members join. Ongoing reporting and analytics plus our consultative support allows us to help reevaluate clinical offerings if goals are not met. Working in a dynamic industry means we are always looking for ways to improve our programs to stay on the cutting edge.

This commitment to customer service is one of the main reasons our cooperative rarely loses a member and we continue to grow.