“Service first” is not just a mantra for National CooperativeRx, it’s a mandate handed down by the employers and plan sponsors that own and govern us. Our not-for-profit model means that we can look beyond the need for profit and instead invest in services that make our members happy, and improves their bottom line.

Think of it this way: We offer the best of two worlds. We take advantage of the price and network advantages of working with one of the nation’s largest PBMs, but the cooperative offers a level of responsiveness and customer service that comes only from small, boutique PBMs.

Just a few examples:

  • Our in-house pharmacists works closely with members on plan design, reporting, and analytics to help them achieve the greatest value possible.
  • We offer members the ability to personalize and customize plan designs for their participants.
  • We work with our PBM partner to offer a continuum of clinical programs, from direct-to-consumer programs aimed at engaging employees to more aggressive programs that have a bigger return on investment.
  • Our cooperative provides its own team of experts, contracts with outside expertise for specialized services, AND has a dedicated team from our PBM partner.